Figmented Bodies

Leana Bekker

An illustrated story of the interpretation of the female anatomy in medical science and society throughout time.

An exhibition showing a timeline, which explores three topics; Science and the human anatomy, Society and the female anatomy and the making of a series of artworks made by Leana Bekker.

‘Figmented Bodies’ is one of the 5 works exhibited on top of the A2 tunnel during the iArts graduation event ‘My Way or the Highway’. Check the facebook event for current information.

Waar / Wanneer


MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY is the umbrella event on which the iArts graduates show their works. This is where philosophy is born in coffee houses, fixing becomes the new replacing, science and fantasy create the female anatomy, communication transforms into confrontation and bodies become fluid. Figmented Bodies by Leana Bekker Koffieruis by Suzanne Dekker Ultraviolett by Larissa Hermanns Be Aware. Repair. by Taam Maas Disembodied by Rosa Vrij These are five students of the Interdisciplinary Arts (iArts) bachelor in Maastricht. This three year international progamme educates students to become critically engaged artists who translate societal and scientific topics into their interdisciplinary practice. Coaching by Studio met/zonder